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Colorado Springs Closings!

22 unit purchase $823,000 75% LTV.  Poor historicals, flood plain, complex borrowing entity. YOC 1954.

62 unit refinance.  Property had significant deferered maintenance, out of country owner, poor operating history. YOC 1972.  $1,100,000 cash out.

30 unit apartment complex on Bijou St in Colorado City.  1031 exchange.  Borrower purchased with cash and we financed 75% cash out. 1960's vintage. Out of state buyers.

The Gallery Apartments - 58 units, 75% LTV, YOC 1970.

72 unit townhome apartment complex.  Partnership consisted of 5 first time borrowers with no MF experience.  1960's vintage, 75% LTV.  $1,900,000.