Latest News from Trans Lending


$3,240,000 cash out refinance of 104 unit apartment building in Houston.  Closed shortly after Hurricane Harvey.  4.08%, rebated report fees.  10 year fixed, 30 year amortization YM pre-pay.

$2,200,000 construction to perm financing of family owned, Denver Mexican restaurant.  25 year fully amortizing, 90% LTV.

$1,750,000 cash out refinance of 15 unit apartment building, student housing Ft. Collins, CO.  Forward rate lock. 15 year term, 30 year amortization.

$2,600,000 cash out refinance of 24 unit apartment building downtown Ft. Collins, CO.  Forward rate lock. 15 year term, 30 year amortization.

$2,690,000 acquisition of 104 unit apartment building Pueblo.  75% LTV, closed in 21 days.  No pre-payment penalty. Value add deal.

$3,000,000, 4.09%, 10/30 structure Oklahoma City out of state borrower, non-recourse, 3 years IO. 1970's vintage.
$750,000, 4.50%, 30 year fully amortized, cash out, out of state borrower. Closed in 29 days.


  • $2,720,000 purchase of 44 units in Greeley, CO. 80% LTV, 12/30, FNMA. 1960's vintage.
  • $1,680,000 purchase of 24 units in Greeley, CO. 80% LTV, 12/30, FNMA. 1960's vintage
  • $510,000 purchase of 6 plex in Evans, CO. 75% LTV 7 year fixed, 30 year amortization. 1970's vintage.
  • $420,000 loan on purchase of a 6 plex in Lakewood, CO. Closed in 35 days, no pre-payment penalty.
  • $2,300,000 refinance on 5 property portfolio: 2  small apartments and City Block of 6  SF rentals - Longmont, CO; Walgreens w/only 2.5 years left on the lease - Louisville, CO; small apartment building - Cheyenne, WYO.  $500,000 cash out to owner.
  • $1,800,000, 77% LTV on purchase of 38 unit in Tulsa metro area.   1970's vintage. Out of state borrower, property in flood plain.  Freddie Mac.
  • $3,300,000 cash out refinance after only one year of ownership, 52 unit, Windsor, CO  1970's vintage. FNMA.
  • $1,575,000 75% cash out refinance after only one year ownership, Greeley, CO 44 unit converted school. 1st time FNMA borrowers..
  • $3,200,000 Cashout refinance of single-family portfolio in Aurora, CO.
  • $2,200,000 refinance of 108 unit apartment property in Garland, TX.  1970's vintage, portfolio lender
  • $310,000 refinance of 8 unit property.  Challanges were small loan size, out of state borrower, poor liquidity and net worth.
  • 14 unit apartment building in North Aurora. 75% LTV, refinance of $254,000.
  • 102 unit property in Arlington, TX. 1660's vintage, $2,000,000 cash out refinance, out of state owner.
  • 26 unit apartment complex in 35 days over holiday.  First time borrower with no MF experience.  Loan of $900,000.
  • 12,000 sf office building in Central Denver - foreign national borrower. $950,000.
  • Refinance of 16 units in Littleton, CO 1950's vintage, closed in 30 days.

Colorado Springs Closings!

22 unit purchase $823,000 75% LTV.  Poor historicals, flood plain, complex borrowing entity. YOC 1954.

62 unit refinance.  Property had significant deferered maintenance, out of country owner, poor operating history. YOC 1972.  $1,100,000 cash out.

30 unit apartment complex on Bijou St in Colorado City.  1031 exchange.  Borrower purchased with cash and we financed 75% cash out. 1960's vintage. Out of state buyers.

The Gallery Apartments - 58 units, 75% LTV, YOC 1970.

72 unit townhome apartment complex.  Partnership consisted of 5 first time borrowers with no MF experience.  1960's vintage, 75% LTV.  $1,900,000.

Recent Oklahoma Closings

Over $1,000,000 cash out refinance in Moore, OK.  48 unit property built in the 1970's.  Non-recourse, monthly escrows waived.  Out of state borrower.

75% LTV refinance Yukon, OK. 40 unit property built in the 1970's.  Non-recourse, monthly escrows waived. Out of state borrower, zoning/flood issues.

Rate term refinance in Claremore, OK. Out of state borrower, $850,000